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Pain Relief the Digi Way!

Digi Light


Offering the new Digi Light treatments!! 


After watching for years the benefits of this special device, I have finally decided to add it to my treatment menu.

The benefits are endless to the body and skin rejuvenations. It has been some of the only relief treatments for back, neck, joint and any swelling, reddness that clients may suffer from.

The Digi Light laser uses microcurrent with full sprectrum laser light.  With gold and iridium probes which the current flows through, the energy force is massaged into the affected area.

Clients have seen amazing releif in pain and swelling, reduction in redness and better join movement.



The Digi Light gives a reduction in pain, inflammation, increases the rate of healing, and begins

repairing the area and allows greater blood flow and oxygen to the area treated.


The Digi Light has electrical stimulation with high frequency micro current to open the

cellular membranes to promote bio-chemical reactions at the cellular level. The Digi Light is composed of

8 electrodes, 4 of which emit the various high frequency wavelengths. The gold electrodes [yes they are

real gold] emit a positive signal and the silver electrodes [actually iridium] are negative. [As a result, the

micro current is pulled through the body from the gold to the iridium electrodes]


There usually are multiple treatments required, but not always (depends on injury) 2-6 is recommended.

I generally use a several types of gel depending on area to give me some slippage and follow up with a muscle massage.


Email for apt. and try out our introductory offer!!


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