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Dr. Belter knows that our skin is as precious and individual as our personalities and for this reason he has developed 11 high quality care lines which suit all skin types and needs. Dr. Belter skincare products contain 95-100% natural ingredients, essential plant extracts and patented ingredients and offers a variety of options for wrinkles, acne-prone, pigmentation, couperose-prone and sensitive skin. You will love the silky and luxurious textures of the products and you will love your new glow!



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Intelligent care for young skin: This basic skin care line, with gentle, biological ingredients offers protective care and well-being for unproblematic and young skin. It consists of economical products for all skin type tendencies, which compensate minor deficits.

Personalized face care: The products of line Bio-Classica occupy a central position in the DR.BELTER Professional Care Concept. The face care line is designed for the active woman, who wishes skin care that is personalized and effective, as well as sensuous and luxurious.
The Bio-Classica formulas are composed to counteract signs of skin aging and to delay the loss of skin activity. Precious bio-regulators support all skin functions, offer protection from environmental influences and re-balance the skin. Pure silk, natural actives and advanced technology work together for giving the skin pleasure and beauty.

Very sensitive skin: This Care Line provides gentle, useful and balanced therapy for hypersensitive skin. The formulation of the three skin care products and two gentle cleansers makes it a wellspring of relaxation and well-being for this problematic skin type. All products from line sensi-bel are free of fragrance and colorants. The care products are on skin-identical DMS (Dermo Membrane Structure) basis.

Anti-aging for mature skin: With the stimula products mature, demanding and strained skin receives replenishing, highly effective care. Dr. Belter has chosen the most promising anti-aging actives and created an anti-age face care line for highest demands. New, patented carrier spheres, loaded with active ingredients and phytohormones with their positive, estrogen-like effect are central in the line's concept. The interplay of all ingredients protects from UV-induced skin aging, loss of skin density and elasticity, and consequent wrinkle formation.

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Top Performance & Trend Line Line Bel-Energen contains professional salon treatments as well as top performance face care products.

The line comprises two groups:

1.[DERMO-RELAX] - the DR.BELTER® treatment concept that addresses the issue of reducing wrinkles of mimic expression.

2.[PHYTO-SENSATION] - The result of expertise in the cosmetic application of Phyto-hormones and latest findings of skin and active ingredient research.

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Eye care ocula offers a complete care line for the delicate, vulnerable and often neglected skin around the eyes. The cleansing products, care formulas and special treatments are as gentle as a breath of air, always soothing, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarity and freshness for impure skin A comprehensive home care and salon treatment line with special preparations for skin with a tendency toward excess sebum production, impurities and acne. The range offers highly effective products with the scent of fresh lemons, considering every need of this problematic skin type.

Body care – wellness – contouring: This body care line offers holistic body treatment concepts, in which wellness and effective care aspects are equally considered. Domestic as well as exotic active ingredients, and intercultural treatment techniques fuse to give high quality wellness experiences. The concept of this line is designed to meet the requirements of Spas as well as beauty salons.

Specific special treatments Line intensa offers a great variety of products for home care and salon application. It considers special areas, needs and problems.

  • intensa - MASKS - cream masks, peel-off, thermo modellage, collagen-matrix
  • intensa - AMPOULES - 15 different highly effective beauty elixirs
  • intensa - SPECIALS - specific preparations, designed to complement

Healthy tanning: A Sun Protection - and After Sun Care Line with 7 special preparations for a joyous sun kiss.

The DR.BELTER®-»MAN« line offers specific care for demanding male skin. The scientifically well-founded product formulas consider the special needs and properties of male skin. They counteract the effects of frequent shaving, stress load, pollution, and the natural aging process.

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