Skin Analysis

The Advanced Skin Analysis is a procedure to measure the hydration, oil levels, color, texture, sun damage and much more.

Using the skin diagnostic equipment from Germany and a mag and woods lamp, the skin can be examined to reveal underline causes of cell and systems breakdowns. A realistic home care program is suggested along with a method of treatment to help rejuvenate the skin.

In order to receive maximum benefit from the technology you would be required to come to the appointment with skin unwashed, with no moisturizers, oils or perfumes at all on the skin, beacuse it is important not to change the pH of the skin. Shower the night before.

After the procedure is performed we will fill out a full 4 page report and a copy will be given to you to take home.

The cost of the Advanced Skin Analysis is $40.00.

If you book a 6 week package treatment you will receive this free of charge.


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