Acne Laser Treatments

Acne – Painful pustule eruptions of the skin 

Pills, creams and soaps. The shelves are stocked with treatments and solutions that promise clear healthy skin. But for acne sufferers most of those promises are left unfulfilled.

Fortunately, new developments in science and technology, especially in the area of Photo-Thermolysis, have enabled us to take a whole new look at acne, it causes and treatments.

Acne begins when a buildup of oil occurs in the hair follicle, creating a plug that traps oil and dead cells under the surface of the skin.The clogged follicle becomes a fertile breeding ground for P.acnes bacteria, the main cause of acne.The P.acnes bacteria thrive when there is a lack of oxygen. New research has shown that by targeting the pore with light, it creates an oxygen rich environment that destroys the P.acnes.


LHE Technology

Using unique 3 prong approach of green light, red light and heat, LHE optimizes the oxygen effect and quickly destroys the P.acnes. Green and red light reach deep into the pore while the heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and sooths the inflammation.

Red light stops inflammation while the green light penetrates deep beneath the skin's surface to initiate the anti-bacteria reaction at its core. LHE secret of hear speeds up the chemical process and soothes the acne lesions.


Effective, Fast and Safe

Most people experience up to 90% success in acne clearance and reduces the risk of scaring. No harmful side effects.



A full skin analysis, treatment plan and test patch will take place at consultation. Treatments are to take place twice a week for 4 weeks. More or less may work for some clients depending on the severity of the acne.

Also look under link for Deep Pore Cleansing (Galvanic/High Frequency). This treatment is a great facial to help clear up acne.


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