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Laser Clinic and Spa treatments combined! Clients enjoy the working of a laser facial and microdermabrasion with the comfortable laser bed with raised legs for back support, hot towels for opening pores, and with soft facial brushes for product applications.

We offer Spa Services or Advanced Facial Treatments.

Let me nurture and prepare your skin to enhance rejuvenation like an eagle nests on her eggs! New life will result with my amazing treatments.

We aslo offer a guesthouse with wood fired Sauna, Camping right on the Kettle River.


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Phone: +250 718-2675

Westbridge, B.C.

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Phone: +250 718-2675

Is a laser Facial Painful? Does it work? How long does it take? Is there downtime? These are some of the questions I get asked. If you would like to know the answers to these and other commonly asked questions, click here to go to our esthetics page.




Laser & Aesthetic Services


Pain Relief with Digi Light Laser

Helps with: Swelling, Joints and ligaments, Strained muscles, Stress relief, Jaw pain, Arthritis, Customized Home Care Program Given, Savings Packages Available


Cold Laser

Cold Laser is a comfortable and extremely effective breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. They call it Cold Laser because it does not burn the skin but enegerizes the skin cells and promotes collagen building, plumping up the skin, muscle tighting, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.



Microdermabrasion is a simple cosmetic procedure designed to safely do a deep exfoliatation of the outer epidermal layer of the skin to reveal the fresh dewy sink beneath. This promotes the rejuvenation processes of the skin.  Works on most any skin type.


Dr. Belter SkinCare

  Dr. Belter Cosmetic is a skincare formulated in Germany that fuses raw and organic ingredients with the best of skincare technology to create elixirs of perfection for every skin type. All products are made of 95-100% natural ingredients and are free of mineral and silicone oils. Dr. Belter skin care is built on highly pure skin-identical raw materials and precious phyto oils with high tech patents to achive the best results.


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6090 Christian Valley Road
Westbridge, B.C., Canada

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