Laser for Toenail Fungus

Cold Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus


Toenail fungus is very common nail disorder called onychomycosis and it frequently causes the toenails to discolor, become soft, enlarge, peel and if left untreated, can cause loss of the toenail. There are many treatments available from homeopathic remedies to prescription drugs, however one that shows potential is the Cold laser treatment.

One of the problems with topical treatments is that the fungal spores reside in the nail bed securely protected by your nails. Topical nail products cannot penetrate deep through the nail plate to release the active ingredients into the epidermis of the skin under the nail, so treatment with topical are slow. Statistics say only a 10% success rate to topicals. Toes should be treated with the first signs of damage. If left until they are so bad, thick and dark, the treatments becomes longer and more expensive and could become impossible. Cold Laser treatment for toe fungus used in conjunction with other treatment modalities has the potential to deliver the highest clinical efficacy available.



Killing the Fungus

  • Fungus dose not like light, heat or being dried out. The laser light and mild heat brings oxygen deep down to the nail bed which the purpose is to kill the fungus DNA in the affected toenail. A red beam laser is used and is pin pointed on the fungus. With 4 to 6 treatments 1 hour long, the laser is able to kill the fungus and eradicate it from the individual's toenails.

Skin and Nail Intact:

  • The benefits of using laser treatments for toenail fungus are, the fact that the toenail and skin surrounding the toe are not damaged. There is no pain associated to the treatments and the toenail and skin are left unharmed. The only downside is financial.

Home Preparation Important:

  • Soaking in Kangan water "alkaline ionized water" ph of 11.5 pH daily along with home protocol application of tea tree oil and lavender oil with antifungal topicals.
  • Nails should be clipped short and filed as thin as you can get them. This will help for better product absorption and laser penetration.



Before: /_uploaded_files/toe-fungas-cathlene-001.jpg /_uploaded_files/toe-fungas-cathlene-004.jpg


After: /_uploaded_files/kathlene-after-2.jpg


You can see the big toe damage and the black spots on two of the middle toes. And then the after picture you can see the spots are gone and the big toe is normal. Time span is 8 months. Below is Kathlene's testimony:

It’s been quite a while Karen since you cold lasered my toenails, especially the one that had a fungus I contracted at a salon having unacceptable cleanliness standards.
I thank you ever so much...from the bottom of my feet, so to speak. Your treatment worked perfectly, leaving me without a trace of that black, spotty, fungus. During the treatment I noticed that
more & more spots were drawn up from deeper under the nail and were disappeared like magic! Now, I have no spots. Another benefit of your cold laser treatment was that I also had nail bed damage from wearing spike heels as a teenager – this damage resulted in a few very thick nails. Those nails are visibly thinner & while I’ll always have “tree climbing toes” my feet are much cuter. Thanks kindly Karen.


This client had remarkable results.  I only worked on the nails that were infected.  We worked over the first winter doing a treatment every two weeks and then once a month. Summer came and then we just watched to see if there were good results.  It takes quite a while for the nail to grow out.  The left toe showed a litte more infection so we went with another few months of every other week.  We now see the full results after letting the nail grow out for  5 months. Clients love that there is no pain to this treatment. Clients must follow protocol for best results.

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